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Make A Donation

Your help makes a real difference to the lives of people across the UK.

Momentum relies on regular donations to continue our work with more than 2,900 disabled and excluded people every year. We very much value the goodwill of the public and need your help to continue making a real difference to the lives of people across the UK.

donate onlineDonating online is safe and secure and we take great care to protect your privacy. If this is your first time giving an online gift, you might like to read our Privacy & Security statement.


  • Donate By Direct Debit

    To make a direct debit donation simply download and complete the Direct Debate Form and return it to our freepost address:

    Freepost RSAC-JYRL-TCEG
    325 Govan Road
    Glasgow G51 2SE

  • Text To Donate

    To donate by using your mobile phone, text the code MOMF28 followed by a £ and the amount you wish to donate to 70070:

    For example, if you wish to donate £5, simply text MOMF28 £5 to 70070

    You will receive a text receipt, which will give you a chance to add Gift Aid to your donation if you are a taxpayer, at no extra cost to you. This means the Government will pay 25p for every pound you donate, making your £5 donation to Momentum worth £6.25.

  • Give as you shop – Everyclick

    When using Everyclick to shop on the internet you are donating and helping Momentum.

  • In Memory

    If you or your family would like to leave a legacy to Momentum, there are a number of ways to pledge your support.

    You may choose to leave a lasting tribute in the form of recurring donations on the anniversary of a death or on a birthday.

    There is also the option to leave a legacy to Momentum when making a will.

    If you would like any further information, please contact the the fundraising team.

    Tel.: 0141 419 5281