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Access To Work - Workplace Assessments

Momentum Skills is the sole provider in Scotland of the Access to Work Workplace Assessment Service for the Department for Work and Pensions.

Disabled people are an extremely diverse population, and the impact that disability has on people is also very diverse. Momentum Skills treats everyone as an individual.

The Access to Work programme is a JobCentre Plus grant scheme, which assists disabled people who are in paid employment, by providing practical support in overcoming work-related obstacles resulting from their disability.

Access to Work grants will contribute to the additional employment costs resulting from disability that an employer would not normally be expected to fund. In some cases, this may involve an arrangement where the Department for Work and Pensions and the employer share costs.

Suitably trained and experienced assessors visit the workplace to discuss the difficulties an individual is experiencing carrying out their work duties as a result of their disability or health condition. A range of potential solutions will be discussed at the assessment with the individual, and their employer if appropriate.

Momentum Skills then recommends potential interventions to the JobCentre Plus Access to Work adviser for them to discuss the recommendations and any financial implications with the individual and their employer. Recommendations may range from work station layout and ergonomic advice, assistive technologies, job restructuring through to one-to-one coaching, strategy sessions, and disability awareness in the workplace.