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  • Strathclyde Momentum Programme

    Funded by the Big Lottery’s Life Transition programme, Strathclyde Momentum will benefit people from across the disability spectrum from Glasgow, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. The programme has four primary goals:

    •To help reduce the negative impact of the barriers faced by the service user
    •To improve the service user’s academic performance
    •To support service users to access open employment
    •Further educate the community and provide information about the barriers people with a disability face
    The goal of the Momentum Skills Strathclyde Momentum Programme is employment. Our staff work with business and community agencies to help them prepare their workplace to accommodate employees who come from a disabled background.

    Momentum Skills staff are available to assist people from a Pan Disability background with individualised plans to meet their unique needs. Momentum Skills will provide vocational evaluations, job training, guidance and support. We aim to help service users to make the transition from rehabilitation to employment, and inform them about the kinds of technology available that could increase independence.

    Each Service User will have a detailed assessment of their current learning skills and abilities that will form the basis of an agreed action plan. This will identify the level of support and guidance the service will provide to the service user to enhance their self-confidence and esteem and build on their abilities.

    This action plan will also assist the user to develop their Personal and Social development skills and interests in order to pursue their goals. Finally the action plan will identify various options to enhance employment skills levels, monitor the degree of ongoing support and guidance until they are settled in employment.

    The Strathclyde Momentum Programme will promote and utilise effective partnerships with external organisations that are better equipped to provide Vocational Certificated Programmes in the local community. The Strathclyde Momentum Programme will develop service user’s knowledge of the local labour market and job search requirements and gain a more realistic approach to employment.

    Service users accessing this service will also receive support from qualified Momentum Therapeutic and employability staff throughout their programme. The range of skills embodied in the team includes occupational psychology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, as well as dedicated employment development officers.

  • Bridging Service

    Funded through the NHS, Glasgow City Council & European Social Fund, the service will benefit individuals with a wide range of disabilities or enduring health conditions by providing services
    throughout Glasgow.

    The Bridging Service assists clients through a five stage employability programme, providing individualised support from induction, into
    employment and beyond.

    The Bridging Service provide a pathway to employment for individuals with disabilities or enduring health conditions.

    This service offers individuals the opportunity to identify aims and objectives through the development of individualised action plans.

    The programme is delivered by our multi-disciplinary team which consists of:

    • Employment Development Coaches
    • Occupational Therapists

    Our programme provides support in breaking down any pre-existing barriers (particularly those associated with a clients disability/health condition) to employment by providing personal development and training workshops, job matching, signposting to qualification providersand training opportunities.

    Momentum will also offer an aftercare service once employment has been secured providing tailored, individualised in-work support.

    Referrals are made from Health Professionals or Glasgow City Council Social Work Department directly.

  • Energiser Aberdeen

    The Energiser Programme is a personal development programme for adults with a mental health issue and/or who are recovering from substance abuse issues; and who want to start making positive steps in their lives.

    Energiser aims to help you break out of your existing routine and to give you the motivation and confidence to move forward with your life

    Who can access the Programme?
    The Energiser Programme is targeted at adults of working age (16-65).Anyone can access the programme who had a clear pattern or diagnosis of mental health problems. It is designed to provide the first steps on the ladder back to social and economic inclusion.

    What is involved in the Programme?
    The Energiser Programme runs from Tuesday - Friday, from 10am -3pm.The programme provides a variety of pre-vocational activities which are 40%center based. Working in groups of up to 10 people activities focus on personal development including communications, health management, problem solving, team building, time management, persistence, leadership and health and safety.
    Activities are based on improving well-being and discovering or re-discovering skills to develop personal strength and experiences. You will be encouraged to identify what you want to achieve and to set personal goals. The programme has healthy living, community engagement and environmental emphasis. There is also a vocational module which prepares for moving on and identifying possible vocational pathways.

    Momentum Skills
    South Building
    Migvie House
    23 North Silver Street
    AB10 1RJ
    Tel: 01224 625 580


  • Work First Scotland

    The Scottish Government’s Work First Scotland programme works in partnership with other organisations to build best practice and establish support that achieves high quality success for disabled people and their employers.

    Work First Scotland will provide high quality voluntary employment support for 12 months. This support will meet the needs of people with disabilities who need more specialist support to find employment and keep a job once they have started work.

    The Work First Scotland programme will be tailored to the specific needs to each individual, providing a diverse range of specialist support that is flexible to the needs of the participants.

    How will Work First Scotland Support you to find work?

    Work First Scotland will give you advice and support to get you ready for work. You can choose the level of support that you want us to provide. We offer:

    •One-to-one support that is tailored to meet your needs.
    •Support to overcome any barriers you have to getting a job .
    •Access to training, such as I.T courses, that will improve your chances of getting a job
    •Support with work placements so that you can get valuable work experience.
    •Assistance to look for jobs of your choice.
    •Help to create a CV and complete application forms.
    •Job interview training.
    •Support should you want to become self-employed.
    •Continued support once you are in employment

    If you already have a job but want support to stay in work, Work First Scotland advisers can help.

    For more information on Work First Scotland contact your loacl JobCenter or contact Momentum at:
    Tel: 0141 419 5299