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Assistive Technology Services

Assist Glasgow - part of our Glasgow Momentum Programme, which is part-funded by the European Social Fund in partnership with Glasgow City Council - aims to support people with a spinal injury to access information technology.

Based in the Southern General Hospital’s Queen Elizabeth Spinal Unit, our experienced staff will help patients to investigate options for accessing technology, following what are often life-changing incidents. 

Options can include operating computers by voice recognition, and providing information on environmental control systems or eye-gaze tracking systems, to highlight just a few.

Patients are provided with training whilst in the unit and, where possible, follow-up support in their home. All patients accessing the unit can make use of wi-fi internet access, and our staff can help set up links to families and carers, using technologies to help people keep in touch and remain socially included.

Training can also be extended to families and carers to help ensure any technologies recommended can work not just in the unit, but also in the patient’s home.