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Birmingham Brain Injury Centre


Personal Development Programme

This service provides support to individuals with any neurological condition, including stroke, brain injury, epilepsy and many more.

This client led service reduces social isolation through tailored 1:1 sessions, psychological support, community group support and social activities as identified by the client within the Birmingham and Solihull areas, helping to promote independence and increase personal wellbeing.

This 12-week modular programme focuses upon breaking down social, health and economic related barriers to independence for individuals at home or within their local community. Psychological support sessions include:

• Psychological interventions
• Cognitive retraining
• Group therapy sessions
• Behavioural management
• Emotional support / counselling
• Managing effects of injury or diagnosis
• Social interaction / peer support

Group activities include:

• Angling
• Walking
• Swimming
• Cinema
• Shopping
• and many many more...

Community Integration

We will support our beneficiaries to self-manage conditions, offer community integration support and access to health and social related activities.The benefits:

• Regaining confidence
• Developing existing skills and abilities
• Learning new skills
• Increasing independence
• Social inclusion
• Peer support

Find out more

If you have experienced an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Stroke or diagnosis of a neurological condition, or you know somebody who has and would like to find out more, please contact our team on 0121 616 3900 or email us at


Birmingham Brain Injury Centre