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Bellahouston Garden Project

The Bellahouston Garden Project is run by Momentum to support people with brain injury who can find it difficult to reintegrate with their community or return to work.

The garden project, based in Bellahouston Park, South Glasgow, helps people to rebuild their lives after sustaining a brain injury. People who have taken part in the garden project have seen benefits from increased confidence and more stamina to learning a range of practical skills that they can use in their everyday life, helping them to manage the effects of their brain injury more effectively.

The project allows people access to a large garden area where they can become involved in the running and maintenance of the garden, supported by a Momentum staff member. The impressive garden area currently boasts a vast variety of different fruits, vegetables and herbs which have been carefully grown by those taking part in the project.

People taking part in the programme who have sustained a brain injury have said:

“If it wasn’t for the garden I wouldn’t be here, I love coming up here and doing a bit of graft”

“My stamina was low, my confidence was low but it built up. I was a bit of a hermit but now I come up here and do some work and have a chat. We have a laugh and a joke, it’s like I’m a new man”

The project has seen that gardening is one of those things that can unite people and here at Momentum, we see that in action. Our plot is about more than just digging and planting, it’s about helping people get their lives back.

For more information on the project contact John Buddie on the details below or check out the links for information about how the garden project has helped those involved.

T: 07725208575

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