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Let’s Go

Let’s Go provides a personalised social support service for 18-75 year olds with a mild learning disability and/or an acquired brain injury.

Let’s Go provides hourly support for individuals, and also short respite breaks. This allows people, in consultation with their family members, to choose the service that suits their needs whether hourly or through short breaks.

In addition to social support we also provide a “care at home service”.

Our flexible, personalised packages of support are tailored to meet each person’s individual needs and aspirations. Using person centred approaches we listen to and work with each person and there network of support to help them to plan their support.

Let’s go supports people in improving and building there:

•     Self-esteem
•     Confidence
•     Motivation
•     Socialising skills

Allowing people to; achieve their goals, build relationships within the community and realise there potential.

By putting in place detailed support plans, risk assessments and by working in partnership with family members, carers and health and social care professionals we help each person with a learning disability and other complex needs make choices and take control of their life.

We enable people to think about and plan what they want now and in the future.

Our Staff

The staff members you will meet at Lets Go are highly qualified professionals who are qualified to SVQ2/SVQ3 and have been checked through the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG).

Our staff members are sensitive and understanding of the different needs of each individual allowing them to provide the best quality of service.

This includes staff being able to:

•     Provide opportunities and support
•     Provide a personalised service
•     A structured but flexible service
•     Continuity of staff
•     Promote social inclusion
•    Organising short breaks
•    Medication prompts
•    Support with appointments

Let’s go also offers the opportunity to be involved in the recruitment process, participate in service user’s forums and to participate in training.

Both staff and service users have a 1 page profile ensuring compatibility, let’s go also provides a 24hr on call service and those who use the service have 2 reviews per year.

For more information please contact:

Room 203, The White Studios
62 Templeton Street
G40 1DA
T: 0141 550 4922