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The Energiser Programme

The Energiser Programme is a personal development programme for adults with a mental health issue and/or who are recovering from substance abuse issues; and who want to start making positive steps in their lives.

Energiser aims to help you break out of your existing routine and to give you the motivation and confidence to move forward with your life

Who can access the Programme?
The Energiser Programme is targeted at adults of working age (16-65).Anyone can access the programme who had a clear pattern or diagnosis of mental health problems. It is designed to provide the first steps on the ladder back to social and economic inclusion.

What is involved in the Programme?
The Energiser Programme runs from Tuesday - Friday, from 10am -3pm.The programme provides a variety of pre-vocational activities which are 40%center based. Working in groups of up to 10 people activities focus on personal development including communications, health management, problem solving, team building, time management, persistence, leadership and health and safety.

Activities are based on improving well-being and discovering or re-discovering skills to develop personal strength and experiences. You will be encouraged to identify what you want to achieve and to set personal goals. The programme has healthy living, community engagement and environmental emphasis. There is also a vocational module which prepares for moving on and identifying possible vocational pathways.

Momentum Skills
South Building
Migvie House
23 North Silver Street
AB10 1RJ
Tel: 01224 625 580