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Work First Scotland

The Scottish Government’s Work First Scotland programme works in partnership with other organisations to build best practice and establish support that achieves high quality success for disabled people and their employers.

Work First Scotland will provide high quality voluntary employment support for 12 months. This support will meet the needs of people with disabilities who need more specialist support to find employment and keep a job once they have started work.

The Work First Scotland programme will be tailored to the specific needs to each individual, providing a diverse range of specialist support that is flexible to the needs of the participants. 

How will Work First Scotland Support you to find work?

Work First Scotland will give you advice and support to get you ready for work. You can choose the level of support that you want us to provide. We offer:

•One-to-one support that is tailored to meet your needs.

•Support to overcome any barriers you have to getting a job .

•Access to training, such as I.T courses, that will improve your chances of getting a
•Support with work placements so that you can get valuable work experience.

•Assistance to look for jobs of your choice.

•Help to create a CV and complete application forms.

•Job interview training.

•Support should you want to become self-employed.

•Continued support once you are in employment

If you already have a job but want support to stay in work, Work First Scotland advisers can help.


For more information on Work First Scotland contact your local JobCenter or contact Momentum at: 

Tel: 0141 419 5299

Alternatively view Work First Scotland leaftet below: 

Customer leaflet 

Employer leaflet 

Work First Scotland Referral Form