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Mental Health Problems

  • The Social Group

    The Social Group is a service provided by Momentum in Aberdeen which helps support both those with brain injury and mental health problems.

    The Aberdeen Social Group runs on Thursdays.

    The Social Group provides time and opportunities for people to become involved in different activities to help increase their confidence and social skills.

    The Social Group is available to those with both brain injury and mental health problems on a self-referral basis.

    The Social Group provides many different activities each week which can include:

    • Guest Speakers guest such as local historians/ historic walking tours of Aberdeen
    • Quizzes with prizes
    • Day trips
    • Cinema and museum visits
    • Arts and craft sessions

    For more information contact:

    Momentum Skills
    South Building
    Migvie House
    23 North Silver Street
    AB10 1RJ
    T: 01224625580

  • Aberdeen Pathways (Mental Health)

    Aberdeen Pathways offers a dedicated vocational rehabilitation programme for people who are currently experiencing mental health difficulties relating to anxiety, depression trauma or stress, to help them progress towards and into sustained employment.

    The Pathways programme is funded by Aberdeen City Council.

    Aberdeen Pathways is open to any adult (16 years or older) with a mental health diagnosis who lives within the Aberdeen City areas and runs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

    Those who wish to attend the programme should have the motivation to secure work, education or further training.

    Pathways offers both group and one to one sessions which cover areas related to personal development, cognitive rehabilitation and employability. Each session is supported by staff to meet each person’s individual needs.

    Some areas covered in the programme are:

    • Health and Wellbeing
    • Confidence Building
    • Social Skills
    • Managing depression and anxiety
    • Employability
    • Work Placement
    • IT and Employability College Course (On Wednesdays)

    Most referrals are made from a professional such as GPs, social workers, Job Centre plus and community psychiatric nurses.

    Clients can self-refer although they must get a professional to complete a referral and risk assessment form to clarify they are eligible for the programme. (They would not be eligible if they are currently on Government funded programmes e.g.: work choice or other funded work programmes)

    Aberdeen Pathways is unable to work with people whose behaviour is assessed to pose a significant threat of self-harm or physical harm to others. The service is also unable to admit those whose substance misuse is affecting their daily functioning.

    View our leaflet here

    For more information please contact:
    Momentum Skills
    South Building
    Migvie House
    23 North SilverAberdeen
    AB10 1RJ
    01224 625580

  • Glasgow Momentum Programme

    The Glasgow Momentum Programme delivers services from three different locations across the City of Glasgow: Drumchapel, Yoker and Templeton. The programme supports people who are unemployed with a long-term illness or a disability to move towards economic and social inclusion.

    The Glasgow Momentum programme is funded through the Integrated Grant Fund from Glasgow City Council and is free of charge to participants.

    You can refer yourself to the programme, or you can be referred by a health worker, social worker or Job Centre staff. The service supports each person through a five-stage programme.

    The five stages are:

    Stage 1 is an initial assessment
    Stage 2 is creating a personal action plan
    Stage 3 is about career development
    Stage 4 is developing essential employment skills
    Stage 5 is aftercare

    The programme is delivered in groups or one-to-one with support staff. The types of issues that people get support with are working with others, problem-solving, confidence-building, goal-setting and health management.
    The programme is delivered in a supportive, friendly environment, which many people find helps their motivation and enables them to move forward in their lives.

    Every person on the programme is supported to develop a personal action plan. This maps out what they would like to achieve, and how they can be supported to make this happen.  Individual goals are set by each person, and this gives them a realistic guide for personal development and possible careers.

    Each person is supported to develop their confidence, motivation and skills. This helps people to participate in their community and develop a plan to enter or re-enter the world of work.

    Staff and participants work together to ensure that the next step towards a job or further training is solid and is in place when each person leaves the programme.

    For further information, contact us on:

    Glasgow Momentum Programme
    Unit 206
    The White Studio
    Templeton Business Centre
    62 Templeton Street
    G40 1DA
    T: 0141 554 8822

  • Bridging Service

    Funded through the NHS, Glasgow City Council & European Social Fund, the service will benefit individuals with a wide range of disabilities or enduring health conditions by providing services throughout Glasgow.

    The Bridging Service assists clients through a five stage employability programme, providing individualised support from induction, into employment and beyond.

    The five stage programme

    Stage 1 – Initial Assessment and Induction

    This is carried out by an Employment  Development Coach in order to gain a thorough understanding of an individual’s short/long term goals and occupational status.

    Stage 2 – Barrier Removal

    A range of group workshops are provided within this stage including - Confidence Building, Communication, Health Awareness and Personal Boundaries plus many more.

    Stage 3 – Vocational Activity

    Delivered by the Employment Development Worker & Job Coach; identifying individual skills, strengths and abilities with a view to initially exploring the next steps on the road to employment.

    Stage 4 – Into Employment

    Delivered by the Employment Development Coach, covers sessions in Good Interview Practise, CV Building and the Application Process. Individuals in this stage are also encouraged to attend our Job Clubs to assist in their search for employment.

    Stage 5 – Aftercare

    The Bridging Service offers aftercare support to Individuals in employment.

    Returning to work after a period of unemployment or entering the work place for the first time can be a scary thought but here are just some reasons why it could be good for you:

    • It will increase your confidence in yourself
    • It will keep you busy and allow you to develop yourself
    • It will enable you to socialise more
    • It can give you a sense of pride and personal achievement
    • It can be beneficial to your physical and mental health


    The Bridging Service engages with vulnerable people diagnosed with chronic long-term health conditions i.e. Physical Disability, Learning disability, Mental Health Sensory or other conditions which affect the client in setting a vocational goal and who are struggling to access services in their local area.

    Unfortunately we cannot engage with people participating on the Work Programme.

    Making a referral

    Referrals are made from Health Professionals OR Glasgow City Council Social Work Department directly.

    Email Referral form to:
    Post for attention of:
    Stephen Wilkie
    The Bridging Service
    The White Studios
    Room 206, 62 Templeton Street
    G40 1DA

    What does the service provide?

    The Bridging Service provide a pathway to employment for individuals with disabilities or enduring health conditions. This service offers individuals the opportunity to identify aims and objectives through the development of individualised action plans. The programme is delivered by our multi-disciplinary team which consists of:

    • Employment Development Coaches
    • Occupational Therapists

    Our programme provides support in breaking down any pre-existing barriers (particularly those associated with a clients disability/health condition) to employment by providing personal development and training workshops, job
    matching, signposting to qualification providers and training opportunities. Momentum will also offer an aftercare service once employment has been secured providing tailored, individualised in-work support

  • Energiser Aberdeen

    The Energiser Programme is a personal development programme for adults with a mental health issue and/or who are recovering from substance abuse issues; and who want to start making positive steps in their lives.

    Energiser aims to help you break out of your existing routine and to give you the motivation and confidence to move forward with your life.

    Who can access the Programme?

    The Energiser Programme is targeted at adults of working age (16-65).Anyone can access the programme who had a clear pattern or diagnosis of mental health problems. It is designed to provide the first steps on the ladder back to social and economic inclusion.

    What is involved in the Programme?

    The Energiser Programme runs from Tuesday - Friday, from 10am -3pm.The programme provides a variety of pre-vocational activities which are 40%center based. Working in groups of up to 10 people activities focus on personal development including communications, health management, problem solving, team building, time management, persistence, leadership and health and safety.

    Activities are based on improving well-being and discovering or re-discovering skills to develop personal strength and experiences. You will be encouraged to identify what you want to achieve and to set personal goals. The programme has healthy living, community engagement and environmental emphasis. There is also a vocational module which prepares for moving on and identifying possible vocational pathways.

    Momentum Skills
    South Building
    Migvie House
    23 North Silver Street
    AB10 1RJ
    Tel: 01224 625 580