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West Midlands Vocational Rehabilitation

Our centre based in Birmingham city centre provides specialist services to support people with a brain injury or stroke to become socially and economically independent.

The overall aim is to enable participants to return to current employment, to retrain and find new employment, education or voluntary employment.

Without specialist intervention and training, only 20 per cent of people with brain injury will return to work. However 80 per cent of people who attend our vocational programme return to work, education or voluntary employment.

In 2010/11 over 100,000 people sustained a brain injury in the UK and over 9,000 were in the Midlands. The main causes include road accidents, assaults, strokes and haemorrhages.

The effect of such serious damage to the brain is devastating, resulting in changes in personality, self-esteem, memory and many cognitive difficulties and barriers to either sustaining current employment or returning to paid work.

Brain injury can lead to a vicious circle of family break-up, unemployment and social isolation.

Most clients have difficulty coming to terms with their new acquired disability - but we support them to overcome these barriers.

Here in Birmingham we work with people from all over the West Midlands to realise that there is life after brain injury and to assist them to regain their self-confidence.

Our services include clinical psychology therapies; cognitive and personal development; brain injury awareness; essential life, work and social skills; problem-solving skills; drug/alcohol support; job seeking skills; working relationships; health and safety in the workplace; risk assessments and risk management training; team-building skills; and certified qualifications.

All our services are delivered by our multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, tutors and employment development advisers.

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